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We have extensive project experience in multiple industries and fields and in multiple languages, and our native language translators around the world can assist you to eliminate language barriers and conduct your global business swimmingly by ensuring that the translations are tailored to the local expressions of your target region.

Translation Solutions of Beyond-Cloud Translation

Our language services support: medicine and medical treatment, manufacturing, film and TV media, finance and law, digital currency, engineering construction, software and game development, scientific research and academy, advertising and retail, Internet IT and other fields.

Medical involves many fields, including basic medicine, clinical medicine, forensic medicine, laboratory medicine, preventive medicine, etc. There are all kinds of medical literature with scientific reference value in various fields, such as medical publications, papers, books, research reports, etc.

Translation in the medical industry involves mass of specialized knowledge and a large amount of professional vocabulary, with very high requirements for translation. It is difficult to do a good job in medical translation just by understanding a foreign language, not to mention ensuring time and efficiency while providing a good translation service. A professional and experienced translation company will be able to help solve these problems.

Manufacturing industry mainly includes: clothing manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, culture, education and entertainment products manufacturing, fuel processing and manufacturing, metal smelting and processing, equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

With the rising of emerging markets around the world, China's manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, and the export demand of all kinds of machinery and equipment is surging. Language barriers need to be addressed whether it is written materials such as equipment description and quality testing, or demonstration videos of equipment maintenance and debugging that may be needed, or expatriate technical personnel sent to the door.

Film and television media include familiar movies, television dramas, animation, music, variety shows, advertisements, short videos, etc.

With the arrival of 5G era, a large number of videos, audio and images have become the main carriers of information, and media platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube are extremely popular. 

Under the context of such times, the introduction and output of film and television works have become very frequent, and the demand and requirements for subtitles, audio recording, narration and translation of film and television works are increasing day by day. 

The financial information service industry is a financial product trading platform, analysis platform and investment and financing channel, which provides users with professional and real-time financial information, creating higher value in financial activities, and solving the financing needs of enterprises and the financial aspiration of households with idle funds.

Financial translation involves a lot of professional vocabulary, which requires interpretors to master relevant professional terms and have a good command of the entire financial operation process. Only on such basis can the comprehensive quality of translation be ensured.

Generally, software is divided into system software, application software, and middleware in between. Software not only includes computer programs that can be run on a computer, but also includes apps that run on a mobile terminal, such as mobile phones.

Generally speaking, software localization requires to deal with a variety of languages and complex projects. In addition to interpretors, desktop publishing engineers and software engineers are often involved in collaboration, all of which require language service providers with strong comprehensive strength, complete staff allocation and sufficient project experience, so as to complete the project in a timely and perfect manner.

As more and more industries are becoming increasingly connected with the world, there is also a growing demand for translation and language services. Your team does not have to be equipped with language experts all the year round. With the cooperation with BiAn Language Services, you can obtain immediately native language translation experts in all languages around the world!

Relying on its rich language experience, a large number of interpretors and a strong system platform support, BiAn Language Services can provide professional language services for your industry, including those not mentioned above: legal affairs, engineering construction, information communication, artificial intelligence, advertising, retail, tourism and many other fields. Feel free to contact us for our service support.

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Our clients include GE, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Tencent, Huawei, Didi Chuxing, Alibaba and many other Global 500 companies.

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