What do you need to know about the fee of French translation
19 Jul 2022 13:58:12

  Translation quotation is what many people care about, and it is selected according to the quotation of various professional translation companies. What do you need to know about the fee of French translation?

French translation

  1、 Understand the difficulty of translation

  Translation is priced according to the difficulty of the case, which is the simplest benchmark requirement. However, for the quotation of French translation, if the quantity is large, it can also enjoy the corresponding price discount. However, because there are unified regulations in this respect, if it is calculated according to the Chinese manuscript, It is also necessary to consider the specific requirements of the translation service industry.

  2、 High price of interpretation

  In translation services, the price of interpretation is relatively high. After all, the requirements for the professional level of interpreters are very strict. However, for French translation, it is different from English translation. Especially for translation in some professional fields, the pricing standard in terms of price is relatively complex, which needs to be determined by negotiation between the two parties. In this regard, if it is a high-level translation, of course, the calculation of French translation quotation will be slightly adjusted.

  Although the price of French translation is calculated on the basis of characters, it should be charged according to the professional level of translators, especially for urgent manuscripts, which may charge about 30% - 40% more. Especially for some documents with special formats, when translating, the price of French translation is not only low, but also low, There is also an extra charge.

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