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Software Industry

Software localization requires to deal with the menu, text, graphic items, screen prompts, icons, version information, help information and other user interface in various software, games, APP and applet. Generally speaking, software localization requires to deal with a variety of languages and complex projects. In addition to interpretors, desktop publishing engineers and software engineers are often involved in collaboration,


With rich resources of global interpretors and experienced project teams, Marshub Language Services can well adapt to the challenges of complex software localization projects and meet customers' stringent requirements with fast and high-quality delivery.

Localization Contents
[PC Software]

Include the interface localization processing, language package production, packaging and other services for various application software under Windows, MacOS, Linux and other desktop systems, and SaaS cloud service platform.
[Mobile APP]

Include the localization of various mobile APP under the platform of Android, IOS and so on.
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