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Language Localization
Service Introduction

In essence, localization service is a kind of interface language translation, desktop publishing, beautification and audio recording services embedded in customer products, which needs a service provider with all-around translation services and project management capabilities.


Marshub Language Services shows obvious advantages in this field. With over 20 years of translation service experience, our team with full experience is your right-hand man in the process of promoting your products externally.

Service Content
  • Software Localization

Include the translation processing for interface of PC software, games, mobile APP, online help, embedded software in a variety of products, etc.

Pronunciation, dialogue processing, etc. in software and games.

  • Website Localization

Include the processing of text, chart, picture and interface on company official websites, e-commerce website pages, etc.

Quality Assurance

The localization team of Marshub Language Services consists of excellent interpretors, audio recording staff, desktop publishing engineers, software engineers and project managers. We can facilitate customers in eliminating the use barriers caused by language conversion in the process of product promotion in a quickly and timely manner, promoting the acceptance and recognition of products in the target market.


Our business support platform enables real-time monitoring of the progress and quality of task processing. With the rich experience of our interpretors team, it can maximize our ability to deliver localized products that satisfy our customers.

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