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Company Introduction

Marhub(Hunan)Co., Ltd is fully invested by the mother company of Shenzhen Marhub Co., Ltd. It is the main company of Group second headquarter. It is committed to providing high-quality translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, software localization, multimedia translation, AI data annotation and other language related services for enterprises and individuals in the fields of medicine and medical treatment, manufacturing, finance (digital currency), film and television, law, software, games and other fields.

With Marshub's continuous accumulation of more than 20 years, we have more than 11,000 certified translators from almost all countries and regions in the world, providing services for more than 300 languages. Marshub has obtained top industry qualifications such as the certification of Translators Association of China and American Translators Association, ISO9001 and ISO17100 quality system certification, and the certified translators all obtain CATTI/NAATI certificate and other translation qualification certificates.


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