What are the characteristics of subtitle translation
13 Jul 2022 14:53:36

    Subtitle translation has become an important part of film and television. Doing a good job of subtitle translation is the basis for effectively transmitting information and culture. What are the characteristics of subtitle translation?

subtitle translation

       1. Subtitle translation has the particularity of film and television information transmission media

  When watching film and television, the audience generally understands and appreciates film and television works through linguistic and nonverbal forms at the same time. The expression forms of film and television information such as characters, pictures and music convey film and television information to the audience through two media: viewing and listening. Therefore, film and television information must be supplemented and helped by the two forms of viewing and listening, so as to form the multi-dimensional aesthetic characteristics of film and Television Art.

  2. Subtitle translation has the instantaneity accepted by the audience

  Generally speaking, the display time of subtitles is synchronized with the speech speed of the characters in the picture and the scene conversion speed. The faster the speech speed, the shorter the display time of subtitles. Therefore, subtitle translation cannot be read back and forth like a book, and notes are not allowed. Generally speaking, the length of translation should be suitable for the audience's reading vision. At the same time, film and television is a popular art, which requires subtitle translation to be as concise and easy to understand as possible.

  3. Colloquialism of subtitle translation

  Subtitle translation is generally the translation of the dialogue or psychological activities of the characters in the film. In terms of language, it belongs to the category of spoken language. When converting the character's dialogue content into subtitle translation, it is required that the language should be easy to understand, clear, concise, coherent and fluent, and the style should be consistent with the style of film and television itself.

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